Gujarati Black and White Movies of 1930s

In this article, you will find the details of Gujarati Movies of the 1930s.

Narsinh Mehta (1932)

Narsinh Mehta movie was released on April 7th, 1932. This movie was directed by Nanubhai Vakil, produced by Chimanbhai Desai and written by Chaturbhuj Doshi. Narsinh Mehta story was based on the biopic of Saint-Poet Narsinh Mehta. This film adhered to a Gandhian Interpretation and was devoid of miracles associated with Narsinh Mehta. Narsinh Mehta was the Gujarati Talkie film. Master Manhar played the lead character.

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Sati Savitri(1932)

Sati Savitri film is a Mythological film based on the story of Mahabharatha. This film features how Savitri saves her husband from Yama the god of death. Chandulal Shah directed the film while Chaturbhuj Doshim wrote the story. M.Bhagwandas, Gohar and Shanta performed the lead roles in this film. Sati Savitri film opened up a lucrative regional market for the producers.

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